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Cove Fitness has several simple membership options. You will pay only as far in advance as you would like, and you can even freeze your membership for up to three months per calendar year. Our most economical option is our 24 month agreement. However, you might only need a membership for a week, or a day, or 3 months, or a year. We have those too!

If you are a local resident and considering Cove Fitness, we hope you take advantage of our Free Trial.

Family, Teenager and Corporate Memberships

If a member of your immediate family is already a Cove Fitness member, or if you join at the same time, we can offer you our reduced family pricing. Our minimum age for an adult membership is 18, but for kids 12 to 17, we have an extremely inexpensive option that we hope will encourage family members to workout together.

Also, Cove Fitness has relationships with many area employers. We are happy to offer discounted corporate memberships to their employees. Please contact us to find out if we can offer you a reduced membership fee.

Why Aren't Our Prices On Our Website?

We'll bet that you came to this page hoping to find our pricing. We don't post our prices for four reasons - 1) due to various promotions, pricing may vary 2) we really need to know what kind of membership you are looking for so we can suggest the best plan for you, 3) you may be employed by one of the companies with whom we have a corporate relationship, so your pricing may vary, and most importantly, 4) there is no way for you to accurately determine the value of our memberships unless you actually see what you are spending your money on. Any club can make a fancy website, but you will get a much better feel for the value of your dollar with a physical visit to the club.

Please stop in at your convenience, and we'll be happy to discuss pricing with you.